Terror comes to school...and your PC


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Dreadout is a psychological horror game in the same vein as the popular franchise Fatal Frame, in which you join a group of Asian students who travel to an old abandoned Indonesian city, where they find much more than expected.

The game starts to throw a series of terrifying events at you shortly after you arrive at your destination. Playing the hero, a young high school student, you enter an abandoned town which, despite showing no visible signs of life, is the home of number of otherworldly spirits, which prove to be anything but friendly.

The only weapon you have at your disposal is a camera, with which you can see and photograph the ghosts and demons. And to make use of it, you must constantly change perspective from the usual third person view for moving the around, to a first person view for looking through the camera.

You can't just rely on the camera to survive. Instead, you must also have good reflexes to avoid the spirits when they attack.

Dreadout really is an excellent horror game that will delight fans of Fatal Frame/Project Zero, and thanks to its superior graphics and spooky atmosphere, you will be sure to experience some genuine terror along the way.

The demo version only allows you to play the first part of the adventure.

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